Testez votre niveau d'anglais:

Test saison 1

1. I________happy.

am is are do

2. He__________English.

is am do will

3. I__________a big office.

have has am shall

4. I_________a present.

buy buys buying can to buy

5. I like__________by scooter.

go to go going goes

6. ___________we export to the States?

do are does must to

7. He__________understand English.

isn't doesn't aren't doesn't can

8. The phone is not__________.

ringing ring rings to ring

9. We___________looking at the people.

isn't aren't do not will not

10. __________your wife work in Paris?

do does is isn't

11. __________we go to the hotel now?

must must to does cant to

12. They__________meet today.

can can to don't can will can

13. The_________car is ready now.

man's men mens mans

14. He ___________ late.

always arrive arrives always always arrives arrive always

15. The two friends__________ home.

go to go at go go into

16. He loves__________wife.

his its her him

17. Please come__________my office.

on into at by

18. They__________call in three days.

will to shall to will must to

19.You__________do business in England.

must to must to must shall must

20. She doesn't want__________her plane.

missing miss to miss to missing